Organizing tabs is a pain for many mockups in a project

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I am starting to use Mockups more and more, and while I find the ability to move the mockups tabs around to determine the order of the output to PDF, it is very cumbersome when you get say 20 files, and need to storyboard them in a partucular order.

Could we look to have a feature that allows us to manage the order of the mockups in a more logical way (a tree perhaps) - and load/save that tree so i do not have to recreate the same list in the same order each tim I start again?
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Hi all. I understand your frustration, if all you see is this thread you'd think that we're completely ignoring this very popular feature request.

In fact, even though we haven't been good at communicating it, it's quite the opposite.

Projects is a very important feature, and we've been actively working on it. In fact, if you use myBalsamiq, it's already there. It's not perfect yet, but it's definitely there. That's where we've been developing the feature first. Once the dust settles on it, we fully plan on bringing the same feature to the Desktop.

All of you who are interested in this feature, please try myBalsamiq: and help us nail down the design of the Projects feature there because that's what will come to the Desktop one day (with sync between the two).

In the meantime, a few points:
- is still the best practice and it works for most people
- Mockups is NOT a full-fledged prototyping tool. If your project starts having 100 wireframes or more, you're probably using the wrong tool. In our manifesto we go as far as saying that in most cases you might be using the wrong process:
- here's an article on how to specify interaction without ending up with 100s of wireframes:

So, forgive us for not moving faster on this, but we're a small company and we like to do things in little, thought out steps.
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Whoa! :)

Hello everyone! We are here, alive and well, listening and working hard.

I share your frustration at not being able to bring projects to the Desktop yet, but the plan has been and continues the same: first bring projects to myBalsamiq (a newer product, with fewer customers, which makes it a good testing ground for such a big feature), then when the dust settles there, to bring project to the Desktop.

myBalsamiq has been live for 8 months now, and try as we might, I still don't think we have nailed all the ins and outs of the project feature there. For instance, we had to spend a couple of months re-architecting things so that when a symbol was updated, all the mockups that used that symbol got re-rendered (and if a symbol was used in multiple projects, all those mockups in other projects had to be re-rendered). That's just one example.

We have also been iterating on how a project is displayed, by first adding and then removing a site map view (we're doing that in a different way in 2.2, check out the new Site Map control here: ), and then adding a list view. Right now we're working on improving how people are assigned to projects ( ).

Basically, the dust hasn't settled there yet.

I also understand this is the most frustrating part of Mockups for Desktop for some of you, but you should know that for the vast majority of our customers, the simple features we put in Mockups for Desktop to deal with projects (relying on file system folders, the concept of an assets folder, etc) are more than enough.

That's why we have prioritized other features in the Desktop version, while we worked on projects in myBalsamiq. Here's what we've been up to:

Furthermore, as we said in our manifesto ( ), Mockups is more of a wireframing tool than a prototyping tool. We're not optimized for projects with hundreds (or even dozens!) of screen in them.

In fact, I might go as far as to say that if the lack of this feature is such a big deal for you, Mockups might not be what you're looking for. You might want to look for a good prototyping tool like Axure RP or Microsoft Sketchflow. Be ready to spend a lot more money, but the price difference makes sense to us, they're more powerful tools.

Yes, I wish we could go faster (and we're hiring more people soon), but if you had been following us closely, you'd know that we're far from lazy, or looking to get acquired, or making excuses.

We are trying our best. If that's not enough for you, we're sorry, maybe someone else can serve your needs better.
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Hello again! We released a feature today called "File Browser Position", which lets you put the list of open mockups on the left or the right as well as the bottom (the current position). This should really help when working with many mockups at once, check it out!