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A few ease of use ideas after using v2.0.x for a few days:

(1) It would be nice to have a new mockup assume the same set of directories/symbols as the rest of the open ones. I realize that you have "global symbols" but it seems to me to be simpler just to have a new mockup assume the same directory as the last one. This affects all the "new" functions - Clone, new, etc. If your underlying code requires the file association, perhaps have the clone function ask for a name and then "save as" as part of the clone.

(2) It would be nice if I could add a link to an external PDF file to continue this UI stream or perhaps start a different use case. That way, I could keep my use cases seperated, and wouldn't need to open all 20 (30?, 50?) mockups into one large PDF.

(3) A nit, but one I'd love to see: in text-based components, it currently requires a double-click to edit the caption. It would be nice if I insert a new text-type object, I could just start typing with the object selected to change the caption.

(4) In full-screen preview mode, i'd love to see the "hit-test area" of the arrow object be something other than the bounding rectangle of the arrow. I often use arrows to direct users to active areas of the UI, and the arrow prevents clicking on the underlying UI element.


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Hi, merle.corey.87.

1) Once you save the new mockup into a project folder, the mockup will have the project assets from that project available to it. The key thing is to save the file in the same project folder as the mockups you have open if you want to use the same assets.

2) I'm sorry about this one, but we don't currently offer linking to anything except for other mockups. We've tried to keep Mockups simple, but we can add your feature request for that. We've had this in our queue to consider, and I agree that it would be useful to link to any URLs.

3) The quick way is to click Enter/Return to start editing text components.

4) Highlighting hit areas is also in our queue to do. We'll get there.

:) Thanks for the ideas.
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We just added linking to URLs, you can test it today here: http://blogs.balsamiq.com/product/201... - Let us know what you think!
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thanks Peldi! I'm glad that my suggestion got implemented :)
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Hello everybody,

This is finally fixed in the new version we shipped today.
Check out the release notes here:

For downloading the new Desktop version please click here: