Browse mockups in full-screen mode by using the left/right arrow keys

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I Can't browse between mockups by using the arrow keys in full screen mode. Instead the page scrolls horizontally (even though there shouldn't be any scrolling). Need a solution like using Alt+Left/Right arrow for these cases.
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Hi Itai, we plan on addressing this in our new design for the full-screen presentation mode.
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If I've got a bunch of files open in Desktop, and I am in full screen mode, I'd like to be able to stay in full screen mode and move to the previous and next files. I can do this when in edit mode by using Ctrl-Tab or Cmd + cursor key, but these same keyboard shortcuts don't work in full screen mode.

I know I can just make a PDF, but sometimes I want to be able to quickly show some screens to others without going through all that.

If this isn't supported, I'd like to request it be added for a future release

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Navigating among files while in full screen mode?.
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This is coming. Right now arrows in fullscreen mode work as in browser history to go to previous/next screen when using links.
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Perfect. Thanks.
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Hi all,

I would like the ability to use keyboard shortcuts to move through a set of mockups while remaining in full screen (presentation) mode. Mainly the idea is to simply progress through the mockups similiar to using Ctrl+Tab/Ctrl+Shift+Tab in normal mode. Just applied and available to the full screen. Any other alternative that accomplishes the same outcome would also be useful.

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Navigation support for mockups while in Fullscreen (Presentation) Mode.
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Let me add my voice to this thread. What I'd like to be able to do in the presentation view is quickly flip back-and-forth between two or more mockups: "Here's the original page, now here's the revised one." Or, "Here's option A, now here's option B."
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the next /prev thing will make my life easier for sure - it seems so basic and multiple people have obviously tried to do it :(
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One thing that I have done as a workaround is to use a simple control such as a lightly colored button, or even an invisible canvas as a hot spot to toggle back and forth. Sometimes I'll even note in the design that the button is for demo only. That allows me to quickly switch between mockups in presentation mode. Maybe that could help for now?

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