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Hi there everyone, I am extremely pleased to share with you a Ruby project created by Cory Ondrejka, who describes it like this:

"as a ruby learning exercise, I whipped up an XML->HTML converter. It is intentionally imperfect, but sometimes it is nice to be able to click on stuff.

Anyway, it's on github under an MIT license if it is of any use.

It is very much version and totally unsupported :-). However, the reason to open it up on github is so people can fork at will and make it better. Hopefully someone in community will want to fork and maintain."

I have tried it and was able to convert a couple Mockups. I had some issues with other BMML files but since I don't know Ruby I wasn't able to fix it myself.

Perhaps someone here would like to take the lead in extending Cory's excellent work?

Thanks so much Cory, this is so exciting!


P.S.I'm not sure if it will help, but I recently documented the BMML format here:
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Why not just skip Balsamiq and the conversion stage altogether and just prototype with basic html, css, and javascript. What's the point of all this extra technology applied to something so simple?
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Hello John, thanks for your feedback. Not everyone would consider coding html, css and js "something so simple". If you're super-fast with HTML, Mockups is clearly not for you (though I would encourage you to try it anyways, you might change your mind on its usefulness). For instance, I use it mostly to get my ideas down and iterate on them before starting to code, it helps me think through a problem better than any other technology.