Assign default file name for new cloned mockups

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I often create several mockups that are slight variations on the same basic design. This is easy thanks to the New Clone of Current Mockup action. I often name them sequentially (like SettingsDialog1.bmml, SettingsDialog2.bmml, etc. or maybe SettingsDialog-variation1-1, SettingsDialog-variation2-1). Probably 95% of the time that I create a new mockup from a clone of an existing mockup I name it something similar to the existing one. It might be nice to default the file name for new cloned mockups to something like OriginalMockupName1.bmml (or _1). Even if the assigned suffix doesn't fit with my convention, at least I won't have to retype the majority of the file name. It would help support an uninterrupted workflow (for me, at least).

Leon Barnard

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